WOD 1/1

Buy In/Cash Out
Muscle-ups/Muscle-up Transitions 3×5
or assisted Chin-ups work to a total of 12

7 Rounds
2:00 AMRAP of Cindy
5:00 Active Rest
*Active Rest build to heavy 3 Rep Deadlift as a team
*Score=Average Total Rounds+Rank of Total Combined Deadlift Weight

-New Years Eve Weekend Schedule: Normal Hours
-New weightlifting classes w/ Chad start next Thursday 1/6  (yes they’re on a new day!) Sign up here!
CrossFit Total Day, January 8th sign up here!
Austin Gorilla Run January 22nd! Grab a registration form at the gym for a 10% discount good until next Wednesday’s Gorilla Gathering!

Happy New Year CrossFit Austiners!

AM Results
Team Cumbersome (Blake, Sleeves & Alex) 16.6
Team Sweaty Chicks (Stacey, Darlene, Jenn & Colleen) 15