WOD 11/17

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3x Max Hollow Holds

Find a 1 RM Weighted Chin-up, and a 1 RM OVHD Squat (20X0 tempo)  in 20 minutes
*work chin-up progressions from chart with any additional left over time
*Weights Recorded


10 Minute AMRAP
7 OVHD Squats
5 Power Cleans
3 Hang Cleans
M: 135lbs, W: 95lbs
*Rounds Recorded

Thundercloud Turkey Trot Thanksgiving Day!

A group of Big Dawgs if I’ve ever seen one!

AM Results
OVHD Squat Chin-up WOD
Andrew 80lbs Progressions 5 (35lbs)
Melicious 75lbs Progressions 5 (55lbs)
Bill 30lbs Progressions 5 (25lbs)
Rob 150lbs +40lbs DNA
C.C. 50 lbs Progressions 4 (25lbs)
Eddie 65lbs Progressions 3 (55lbs)
Ray 155lbs +95lbs 5 (75lbs)
Stephanie 55lbs Progressions 6 (40lbs)
Zoom 75 lbs Prog. 5 (35 lbs)
Tasha 75 lbs Prog. 5 (45 lbs)
Arnie 80 lbs +5 lbs 3 (63 lbs)
PM Results
Jordan 75lb +20lb 4 (45lb)
Juan Carlos 95lb +65lb 5 (65lb)
Colleen 55lb Prog. 4 (35lb)
Cat 113lb Chin 5 (68lb)
G 105lb Chin 4 (65lb)
Betsy 103lb Chin 5 (75lb)
Cody 165lb +55lb 6 (95lb)
Patrick 185lb +75lb 5 (115lb)
Chris 185lb +95lb 4 (95lb)
Boone 200lb +100lb 6 (95lb)
Stacey 145lb +16k 4 (95lb)
Julie 65lb Prog 5 (40lb)
Blake 185lb +55lb 6 (95lb)
Winner 83lb Prog 5 (55lb)
Anthony 103lb Chin 3 (75lb)
Christy 65lb +12lb 5 (40lb)
Jen 65lb Prog 3 (45lb)
Prince 95lb +20lb 5 (65lb)
Megan 75lb Prog 5 (45lb)
Aubrey 90lb Prog 4 (55lb)
Ivan 135lb +30lb 3 (75lb)
Kavi 95lb +8lb 4 (65lb)