WOD 1/12

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Back Squat
1×5 @ 65%
1×5 @ 75%
1×5 or more @ 85%


6 Minutes AMRAP
5 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
5 Burpees

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New Age Caveman and the City

Mean, Lean, and Clean Challenge update:
– We’re extending the days to get your rep max to the challenge through this week
– Make sure and get your $20 and Before pictures taken today or tomorrow
– Start logging your food today @ The Daily Burn

Come watch Blake and I compete in the Texas State Olympic Weightlifting Championship, 1 PM This Saturday


AM Results
Michelle 6 (Band)
Laura 5 (Band)
Mike 7 Rx
Kirk 7 (Chin)
Jerry 7 (Chin)
Amber 7 (Jump)
Tow Matt 8 (Jump)
Andrew 7 Rx
Khieler 7 (chin)
PM Results
G. 6 (Band)
Betsy 10 (Band)
Stacey 9 Rx
Tristy 8 (Band)
Matt 7 (Chin)
Sherman 4 (MOD)
Winner 8 (Band)
Cynthia 8 (Jump)
Smeth 8 Rx
Aurelia 7 (Jump)