WOD 1/12

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3 x 10 Pike Push-ups 
3x 20 accumulated seconds of:  Chin-up Holds (CTB, False grip CTB, or Ring False Grips)

Anaerobic Lactic Power Test
3 Attempts:
30 Thrusters in 1:00 Minute
Score=Heaviest Weight
Rest 7 Minutes between attempts

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Austin Gorilla Run January 22nd!

AM Results
Alan 55lbs
Mike 70lbs
Melicious 40lbs
Tannifer 25lbs
Kirk 75lbs
Nick 95lbs
Chaz 45lbs
Tow Matt 55lbs
Teeny 25lbs
Jerry 65lbs
Tall “D” 45lbs
Jenn 45lbs
Bill 35lbs
Ray 65lbs
Zoom 20lbs
JC 65lbs
PM Results
Boone 100lb (29)
Betsy 55lb
G 40lb
David 65lb
Julie 25lb
Crash 25lb (26)
Patrick 95lb
Stacey 75lb
Sleeves 75lb
Nugget 105lb
Blake 100lb (23)
Geno 65lb
Jeanette 25lb
Fro 75lb
Sherman 65lb
Meli 45lb (19)
Jables 45lb
Tasha 40lb
Christy 35lb
JJ 45lb (22)
Aron 80lb
Kaz 40lb
Darlene 45lb
Carissa 45lb
Aubrey 45lb
Kristy 40lb (24)
Chappy 45lb
Anthony 45lb
Schittone 45lb
Kavi 55lb
Megan 25lb
On Ramp
Andee 4:50
Michael 3:45
Jeff 3:57
Elena 3:32