WOD 11/20

7 Rounds
7 Power Snatches (75 lb, 55 lb)
7 Push-ups
7 Pull-ups

Ask not what your teammates can do for you. Ask what you can do for your teammates. -Magic Johnson

Friend of CFA, talks about being a former fat kid

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Friday and Saturday: WOD @ 9 AM-10 AM
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Congrats to Walker for getting her first muscle-up yesterday!

AM Results
Kirk 14:17 (45lb)
Walker 14:45 (45lb)
Ray 12:07 (45lb)
Jerry 11:54 (45lb)
Andrew 5:55 (65lb)
Shauna 10:03 Rx
Lyzz 9:41 (35lb, Band)
Rob 8:34 Rx
Boone 7:12 Rx