WOD 11/22

Level Two
A1. Back Squat x5x5 @ 85% Rest :60
A2. Weighted Chin-ups x8-10×5 Rest :90
B. Deadlift @ 80-85% x5x3 Rest 2:00
C. Ab Circuit

Level One (Day 2)
Strict Chin-Up

6 Rounds
100 M Run
5 Step-ups/side
10 Tic Tacs/Side
*Time Recorded

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Self Confidence
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– TODAY (11/22) is the last day to donate to the CFA Holiday Food Drive for the Capitol Area Food Bank. Click here for more information.
– – The 9:00am Women’s Class on Thanksgiving Day will actually be an All-Levels Co-Ed class. So, just for that day, men can come, too
– – – The Tour de Turkey Challenge starts next week (11/28)! Have you signed up?! Learn more here.

Level 1 – AM
Brandon 8:49
Bubbles 9:36
Albert 9:31
Kelly 9:01
Level 2 – AM
Michele S
Erica S
Valyn S
Cindy S
Jewels S
Ballet S
Big Shug S
Paddy S
Bryan S
Peter S
Eric S
Rob Mon
Davis Mon
Tristy S
Stephen S
Wood S
MegO S
Ladies’ Class
Jenny S
Chapel S
Emily S
Leah S
Meredith S
Level 1 – 12P
 Betsy  7:41
 Katie  9:06
 Sarah  8:26