WOD 11/24

Buy In/Cash Out
Shin against the wall stretch 1:00 per leg
Hamstring with the band stretch 1:00 per leg
Sit in a deep squat 2:00

Make-up/Skill Day
Practice makes perfect
Tests take 2

Squat Program:
OVHD Squat 3×5 @41×3 (focus on overhead position)
Back Squat 7×2-4 @20×0
Front Squat 3×5 @30×2

Travel WOD:
2 Rounds
25 Burpees
50 Flutter Kicks (R,L=1)
400 M Run
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Don’t blame the damn Turkey

Thanksgiving week schedule
Monday & Tuesday- Normal Schedule
Wednesday- Normal Morning Class, Noon, and 5:30 PM
Thundercloud Turkey Trot Thanksgiving Day!
Friday: 10 AM Workout only
Saturday: Normal 10 AM Team workout

CFA Anniversary/Christmas Bonanza December 16th, 7 PM!!! RSVP now so we can get a good head count for BBQ!

AM Results
Andrew Squats
C.C. 7:17 +25 (PU) 45lbs
Jables 7:22 +20 (RPU) 68lbs
Tannifer 9:02 +25 (PU) Skill
Kavi Squats
Blake Squats
Mel 10:17
Chappy 6:40 +8 Skill
Tow Matt Squats
Rob Squats
Bill Squats
Alex Squats
Ray Squats
Betsy Squats
Cody Squats
G. Squats
Ivan Squats
Schittone Squats
PM Results
Meli 9:27 +10lb (RPU) 47lb
Colleen 10:35 (HH)
Kristy 10:32 (HH)
Jen 10:30 (HH)
Patrick Squat
Christy Squat
Sleeves Squat