WOD 11/27

Level Two
1k Row
20 Russian Triangles
20 Wall Balls
500m Row
20 Thrusters (95lb, 75lb)
600m Run
20 Burpees
20 MB Mountain Climber Jumps
1200m Run
*25:00 min Cap

20 Bird Dogs (Total)
20 Dead Bugs (Total)
20 Scorpions (Total

Level One (TEST DAY)


A. Push Jerk x2x5
B1. Strict Chin-ups x5 or COB Hold x4 Rest :30
*1st 3 sets are attempts to get :30 chin-over-bar hold
B2. Dips x5 x 4 Rest :30
B3. Low Box Front Squat x5x4 Rest 1:00

6:00 Partner Sled Drag (45lb, 25lb)
*Partners switch every 1:00.
*Goal: get around the building / travel the farthest

5 things fit, productive people do during the last hour of the workday
*Post thoughts to comments

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” -Benjamin Franklin

AM – Level 1
Jillian + Her 600M
Shanon + Kayleen 500M
AM – Level 2
Aaron D 24:52 Rx
Guthrie (985M Row) Rx
Eileen (100 Reps)
Leah (200M Run)
KJ (85 Reps)
Jackie (100 Reps)
Alex (67 Reps)
Marissa 25:00 Rx
Mikey (800M Run) Rx
Can2 (400M Run) Rx
Mike (95 Reps) Rx
Big Spoon (800M Run) Rx
Brad 21:46 Rx
Ballet 25:00 Rx
Erich (509M Row)
Tow Matt (834M Row)
Kyle (800M Run) Rx
The King (90 Reps) Rx
Schittone (400M Run)
Michael 25:00 Rx
Michele (93 Reps)
Robert (95 Reps) Rx
Bryan (800M Run)
Ray (800M Run)
AM – Ladies’
Mer (300M Run)
Kristen D (85 Reps)
12P – Level 1
Andre 400M
Ken N 400M
Snick 400M
Anne 400M
Priscilla 400M
PM – Level 2
Tasha (400M Run)
Smitty (400M Run)
Linzi (500M Run)
Erica (643M Row) Rx
Kelea (437M Row)
Gil (90 Reps) Rx
Dayna 24:00 Rx
Lane 22:30 Rx
Crash (180 Reps)
Cat (85 Reps)
Sanchez (740 Row) Rx
Kiehler 24:55 Rx
Jables (125M Row)
G (287M Row)
Diana (800M Run) Rx
Debbie (800M Run)
David S (600M Run)
Kline DNF
Andy (800M Run)
Sean 23:42 Rx
Wade (677M Row) Rx
George (977M Row)
Kaz 25:00 Rx
Chrissy (360M Row)
AG (560M Row) Rx
Kavi (800M Run)
Melissa K 24:02
Jeff 24:20
Heather (600M Run)
Blake 25:00 Rx
Henry (80 Reps) Rx
Ed (200M Row)
Jeanette (112M Row)
MegO (80 Reps)
Shug (400M Run)
LG (87 Reps) Rx
Pam (150M Run)
Ryan (900M Run) Rx
KT (84 Reps)
Cowboy (700M Run) Rx
E-Rod (62 Reps)