WOD 11/3

Overhead Squats


3 Rounds
400 M Run
21 Swings (24 K, 16K)
12 Pull-ups

Our character is basically a composite of our habits. Because they are consistent, often unconcious patterns, they constantly, daily, express our character. -Stephen Covey


-The brand new Akins CrossFit Boot Camp starts Monday, November 9th @ 4:45 PM Click HERE for more info or to sign up!
For all you Paleo Challengers (or anyone that is interested) we will have a group shopping trip on Saturday (for real this time) to the Sunset Valley Farmers Market. 11 AM, promptly after the 10 AM workout.


Jane Fonda and your fearless leader taking down the Halloween WOD!

AM Results
Michelle 10:17 (12K, Jump)
Kirk 10:21 (16K, Jump)
Andrew 12:01 Rx
Shauna 13:14 Rx
Rob 11:40 Rx+CTB
Dave 11:17 (16K)
Kristin DNF
Amber 11:56 (12K, Jump)
Tow Matt 11:29 (16K, Jump)
PM Results
Rufio 11:29 (35lb)
Pato 8:50 Rx
Sherman 12:25 Rx
Nugget 8:04 Rx
Ally 12:40 (12K, Jump)
G 12:36 (Jump)
Laura 13:36 (Jump)
Stephen 13:50 Rx
Claire 11:57 (Jump)
Julie 12:49 (Band)
Blake 11:19 Rx
Big Matt 12:11 Rx
Betsy 11:19 (Band)
Jess 12:23 (35lb, Jump)
Megan 11:39 (Jump)
Stacey 10:24 Rx
David 11:28 (Row)
Walker 11:30 Rx
Aurelia 14:52 (20lb, Jump)
Winner 13:11 (12K, Jump)
Smeth 13:16 Rx
Aubrey 13:17 (12K, Jump)
Brian 13:22 (16K, Jump)