WOD 1/13

Buy In/Cash Out
3 x 10 Pike Push-ups 
3x 20 accumulated seconds of:  Chin-up Holds (CTB, False grip CTB, or Ring False Grips)

Make-up/Skill Day
CrossFit Total
Sit-up and Kick
Grip Strength
Anaerobic Power

Squat Program
Back Squat 6×2 @ 80% 20X0
RDLs 3×8 @ 4111
Behind the Neck Press 3×5 @ 2020

Do the hard jobs first. The easy jobs will take care of themselves. -Dale Carnegie

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– Today is our last Thursday Make-up Day, Make-day will be on Tuesday until further notice
-The Circle of Awesomeness Challenge page has been updated!  Take a look here
Austin Gorilla Run January 22nd!

AM Results
Monday Tuesday Wednesday CF Total Squats
Nick BS=305, P=165, DL=355, T=825
Tow Matt 18:48 (MOD)
Jables BS=135, P=83, DL=180, T=398
Tasha BS=125, P=53, DL=160, T=338
Tannifer BS=135, P=65, DL=175, T=375
Ally 25lbs
Blake Yes
PM Results
Winner BS=145, P=75, DL=205, T=425
Cat BS=275, P=95, DL=275, T=645
Sherman BS=285, P=170, DL=335, T=790
Gena BS=165, P=75, DL=215, T=455
Darlene BS=143, P=73, DL=178, T=394
Turk BS=285, P=145, DL=355, T=785
Ryan BS=245, P=125, DL=355, T=725
Patrick BS=305, P=155, DL=415, T=875
“G” BS=143, P=68, DL=173, T=384
Kristin 40lbs
Julie BS=145, P=70, DL=185, T=400
Jeanette BS=95, P=65, DL=135, T=295
Stacey Yes
Alex 75lbs
Skipper BS=165, P=115, DL=215, T=495
Kavi 23:46 (45, S)
Ivan 23:53 (65, S)
Debbie 25lbs
On Ramp
Elizabeth 6:56 (6:45)
Senator 8:05 (7:56)
Sam 9:00 (7:10)
Megan 9:20 (9:10)
Andee 7:20 (6:25)
Elena 5:55 (5:55)
Michael 6:20 (4:56)
Jeff 6:19 (5:14)