WOD 11/3

Level Two
Power Clean Waveload:
6-4-2-6-4-2-6-4-2 rest :90
*Increase each rep range
*Post weights to comments

10 Minutes on the minute:
1-3 Handstand Push-ups
3 Full Hip Cleans @ Best “6” from skill session
*Total HSPU’s recorded

Level One (Day 6)
Front Squats
Dead Lifts

A. Lift off+DL x3+2×3 Rest :90
B. Front Squat x4x3 @ 32X3 rest :45
C1. Unweighted Step-ups x6/leg x2 rest :45
C2. Chin-ups x6-12×2 Rest :45

How the fitness industry talks to women
*Post thoughts to comments

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.” 
– Henry Ford

**Please email your best push-up man photo to tristy@crossfitaustin.com as soon as possible!!**
– Congrats to Coach Blake and Carissa for each taking home a gold medal at the USAPL Lone Star Challenge! Extra congrats to Carissa for breaking the state record in the Squat and Bench Press!
– – Please send a picture of yourself to caitlyn@crossfitaustin.com or stop by her desk and “say cheese”!
– – – Sunday Yoga classes are back starting this Sunday at 11:00am! Our resident Yoga enthusiast Leah Alter will be leading her classes while our standard instructor, Colleen, focuses on her pregnancy. To learn more and sign up for classes, click here.

Coach Blake Johnson, reppin’ CFA this past weekend! Amazing job, Blake!

Level 1 – AM
Charlie S
Albert S
Irl S
Kelley S
Valyn S
Becky S
Bubbles S
Level 2 – AM
Mikey 12 (Neg)
Elizabeth 20 (PU)
Ty 12 Rx
Boling 30 (Pike)
Melicious 10 (Pike)
MGJ 30 (PU)
Jewels 30 (Pike)
Michael 15 Rx
Can2 11 Rx
9Am 20 (Pike)
Eric 27 (Pike)
Bryan 27 (Pike
Coy 27 (Pike)
Level 1 – 12P
Anita S
Meredith S
Chapel S
Cynthia S
Amie S
Cindy S
Sarah S
Level 1 – PM
Jonathan S
Gary S
Josh S
Jorge S
Buck S
Cyn S
Christina S
Jerry S
Paddy Ice S
Leah S
Margarita S
Bones S
Martin S
Edward S
Debbie S
Level 2
Elena 15 Pike
Odell 30 Rx
Jesse 30 Pike
Jeanette 30 MOD
Mego 20 (Pike)
Dan 20 (Pike)
Anthony 15 (Pike)
Sleeves 30 Rx
Lance 14 Rx
Alex 26 (Pike)
Chrissy 30 (Pike)
Veronica 30 (Pike)
Eric 12 Rx
Chaz 13 (ROM)
Kirk 11 Rx
Jenna 30 (Pike)
Ross 30 (Pike)
Travis 30 Rx
Jeff 30 Rx