WOD 11/30

Buy In/Cash Out
One legged hip extension 2×20/leg
Jackhammers 2×20/leg

5 Rounds
3 Snatches
rest :30
20 Walking Lunges (total)
rest :30
3-6 Kipping Pull-ups (this can be scaled up to CTB, or MUs stay within the rep range though)
rest :90
*Post weights, and notes to comments


Yoke Lunges (total)
Handstand Push-ups
(See Chart for weight)
*Time recorded

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Wheat One liner

-CFA Anniversary/Christmas Bonanza December 16th, 7 PM!!! RSVP now so we can get a good head count for BBQ!  If you have signed up or are signing up for the party and are planning to bring a guest that is not signed up, please email tristystep@gmail.comand let us know!  We will need to have an accurate count by December 10th, so please email before that date.
-Hello CFA Ladies!!  It is that time again…time for Ladies’ night!  Since last time was such as smashing success, we have decided to have a repeat performance!  We will meet at Milanos Cafe at 7:30pm on December 6th.  See you all there!

AM Results  
Nick 7:48 (115lb)
Tow Matt 8:16 (75lb, Pike)
Stephen 7:22 (65lb, Knee Pike)
PM Results  
Cat 6:46 (53lbs, Pike)
“G” 6:28 (53lbs, Pike)
David 6:44 (67lbs, Pike)
Winner 6:16 (45lbs, Pike)
Julie L. 9:20 (35lbs, Pike)
Christy 7:54 (40lbs, Pike)
Blake 11:57 (115lbs)
Chris 13:50 (95lbs)
Sleeves 11:52 (115lbs)
Jerry 7:43 (105lbs)
Carissa 8:06 (50lbs, Pike)
Kristin 7:44 (45lbs, Pike)
Jenn 9:26 (40lbs, Pike)
LG 9:30 (55lbs, Pike)
Skipper 8:29 (68lbs, Pike)
Anthony 8:26 (55lbs, Pike)
Melly 8:38 (35lbs, Pike)
On Ramp  
Cecilia 3
Kathleen 3
Kayla 3