WOD 11/5

All Levels

WOD 1:
400 M Prowler Push (weight=90lbs)
*As a team, the prowler must be pushed around the building one time. Every time a team member comes off the prowler and another member starts pushing, the entire team must stop and perform 5 burpees
*Each team member must push the prowler a minimum of 2 times

WOD 2:
500 Plank Straight Leg Lifts
300 Push ups
200 Partner Pull-ups
*must complete movements in order (ie. all planks must be completed before moving on to push ups)
*only one team member works at a time

400 M Frog Hops

**Each workout will be timed independently, so each team will have 3 scores**

– We’re updating our records and would love to include a picture of your smiling face! Come by Caitlyn’s desk or email a picture to her (caitlyn@crossfitaustin.com) 
– – Sunday Yoga Classes are back this Sunday (11/6) at 11:00am with Yoga enthusiast and member Leah Alter! To find out more, click here.
– – – We hope you’ve marked your calendars for next week’s Ladies’ Night (11/8) and Men’s Night (11/10) – both events are sure to be a lot of fun!
– – – – Running classes start up next week (11/8) with Coach Aaron! To find more information and sign up for these classes, click here.

Feel like this man is watching you in class? That’s because he’s our new Coach – Shane Stephens!
Welcome Shane – happy to have you back!

9:00 am Prowler Plank, Push, Pull Frog
4 Dudes & 3 bada$$  Ladies 5:46 22:16 7:25
Overachievers 6:40 20:35 5:26
10:00 am
Slaves to the Burpees 5:20 15:13 6:38
Prowler Howlers 4:44 15:01 5:19