WOD 11/7

150 DB Push Presses (35 lb, 20 lb)
150 Lunges
150 Ring Rows
1600 M Run (Can’t run over 100 M at one time)
Team Totals

Love the moment, and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries.
-Sister Corita Kent

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Group shopping trip to the Sunset Valley Farmers Market.  Today @ 11 AM, promptly after the 10 AM workout.


Team Red
Brian 11:25 (20lb)
Rob 11:25 Rx
Team Green
Jerry 13:42 (30lb)
Blake 13:42 Rx
Team Yellow
Tara 11:50 (15lb)
Winner 11:50 (12lb)
Tristy 11:50 Rx