WOD 11/8

Level Two
A. Jerk x1x10 EMOM @ 50%
B1. Walking Barbell Lunges x5/legx3 by feel
B2. Horizontal Ring Rows x10x3
C1. HAM Mobility Drill x3x3
C2. Shoulder Sweeps x10/side x3
C3. Windmills x10/side x3

Level One


A1. Hip Hinge Y, T, L , W (Plates) x5/ea pos.x4 Rest :30
A2. 3-step Pull ups x5x4 Rest 1:00

10:00 Partner AMRAP
200 M Run
AMRAP Burpees
50 M Farmer’s Walk
*Partners run together, Partner A does Burpees while Partner B does Farmer’s Walk, then switch
*Total Burpees + rounds recorded

The last two or three repetitions
*Post thoughts to comments

“Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.” – Arthur Schopenhauer

AM – Level 1
Jonathon 50 5
Erich M 50 5
AM – Level 2
Sparker S
Sean S
George S
Guthrie S
Alex S
Shug S
MegO S
Leah S
Jessie S
Janet S
Big Spoon S
Mitch S
Toonie S
Erin S
Can2 S
Ed S
Schittone S
Josie S
Kyle S
Michele S
Walker S
Caitlyn S
Sherman S
Ray S
Oliver S
AM – Ladies’
Emily S
Linzi S
Taylor S
12P – Level 1
Dixie 17 3
Snick 17 3
PM – Level 2
Danimal S
Gil S
Mrs Fro S
Melissa S
Liz G S
Amy S
Kaz S
Leidy S
Kara S
Twin S
Debbie S
Patti S
C2 S
Missy S
PM – Level 1
Valerie 91 5
Jillian 91 5
Leslie 91 5
Frank 49 4
Ruben 49 4
Eric H 63 4
Tristan 63 4
Big Easy 76 5
M-N-M 76 5