WOD 11/9

Buy In/Cash Out
Chin-up Progression x2 Sets

4 Rounds
800 M Run
3 Muscle-ups
5 Handstand Push-ups/2 Kick-ups
7 Strict Toes to Bars

Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude. -Ralph Marston

Newsflash lifting weights is awesome

-CFA will be hosting the Big Dawg Challenge Nov. 13th!  Find out more information
-Post Big Dawg Challenge, join us for the first Pilgrims and Indians Thanksgiving Pub Run November 13th!
Thundercloud Turkey Trot Thanksgiving Day!

AM Results  
Ray 26:51 ROM
Stephen 31:25 MOD
Taylor 25:35 MOD
 PM Results  
Cat 31:14 (MOD)
J.C. 24:38 (MOD)
“G” 30:27 (MOD)
Ryan 25:39 (MOD)
David 32:09 (MOD)
Patrick 25:30 (MOD)
John 26:36 (MOD)
Blake 25:05 (MOD)
Heather 29:51 (MOD)
Christy 26:54 (MOD)
Chris 28:50 (MOD)
Kristin 30:11 (MOD)
Winner 28:08 (MOD)
Schittone 30:31 (MOD)
L.G. 30:03 (MOD)
Heath DNF
Melly 34:30 (MOD)
Chi Mike 29:37 (MOD)
Alex 26:52 (MOD)
Skipper 26:08 (MOD)