WOD 1/21

All Levels

In 20 Minutes find a team 3 RM in the Deadlift
*Weight Can only be added to the bar, everyone must record a weight
*Total Reps recorded

20 Minute AMRAP
4 Burpees
8 KB Swings
16 Stationary Goblet Lunges (Total)
*Alternate between two groups of people, one person works at a time
*Total Reps+Weight = final score


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All Levels – AM
9am/AG 1118
Chaz/Lane  1148
Anthony/Brandon  753
Walker/Dayna/Brittani 1135
Ty/Brandom 949
Celi/KT/Jenna/Suzi 644
Jesse/Alex/Mango  1684
Sherman/Aaron/Randy  1705
Ronnie/G/ElGee  854