WOD 12/13

5 Sets
5 Deadlifts at 22X1
rest 1:00
2 Muscle-ups+3 Dips
rest 2:00
*Deadlift weight recorded


Every 30 Seconds for 10 Minutes
1 Handstand Push-up
*Use the most challenging style of handstand push-up possible, post notes to comments

We do not remember days, we remember moments. -Cesare Pavese

Why Breasts?

-CFA Anniversary/Christmas Bonanza this Thursday December 16th, @ 7 PM!!!  This AWESOME event will be held at Aaron Pratt’s house at the following address: 7400 Espina Drive Austin, TX 78739.
Austin Gorilla Run January 22nd sign up here or grab a registration form at the gym!

AM Results
Andrew 125lbs
Alan 155lbs
Tannifer 105lbs
Mike 145lbs
Nick 255lbs
Melicious 130lbs
Dave 135lbs
Rob 255lbs
Ray 155lbs
Bill 145lbs
Stephen 260lbs
Colleen 95lbs
Betsy 165lbs
J.J 245lbs
John 185lbs
PM Results
Fro 255lb
Jeanette 83lb
Winner 153lb
JC 205lb
Patrick 300lb
Julie 90lb
Chris 115lb
Miguel 315lb
Sleeves 285lb
Stacey 185lb
Skipper 165lb
Aubrey 165lb
LG 135lb
Darlene 135lb
Heiny 225lb
Teeny 117lb
Carissa 137lb
Jerry 185lb
Schittone 185lb
Crash 95lbs
Megan 110lbs
Chaz 260lbs
Kavi 145lbs