WOD 12/13

Level Two
A. Squat x1x5 @ 95%+ Rest appx 4:00-5:00 between sets
*Warm up quickly, do not count sets until you’ve reached correct RPE
B. Rack/Box DL Cluster 1-2×3 100%+ DL Rest :30 b/t reps 85-90% 3:00 minutes b/t sets
*work to a challenging weight w/ all sets at the same weight.
C. Auxiliary Circuit: 6-8 reps of each exercise, 3-5 rounds:
– Hip Thrusts (add moderate weight if comfy)
– Strict Toes to Bar
– Supermans
*No rest between sets but quality reps, this is not for time

Level One (Day 11)
Knee to Elbows/Toes to Bar
Handstand Holds
Box Jumps

7 Minute AMRAP
7 Box Jumps (step down)
7 Push-ups
21 Singles
*Total completed rounds + additional reps recorded

Effort is only effort when it begins to hurt. -Jose Ortega y Gasset

Sleepy Sugar
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– Congratulations to our CFA members and friends who competed at the All Cities Open this past weekend! Jon 52nd, Stacey 8th, Leigh 9th, and our good friend Alex Janns 20th! Way to represent!
– – Our Holiday Party is this Thursday night at 7:00pm! Check out the eVite for more information here.
– – – We will have a FREE all-levels class this Saturday at 11:00am. Tell your friends/family/co-workers/strangers and sign up here

Way to go, Team CFA at the All Cities Open!

Level 1 – AM
Haley 5.5
Sarah 4
Melanie 4
Level 2 – AM
Turk S
Shanahan S
Mike S
Mikey S
Janice S
Shug S
Charlie S
MegO S
Ballet S
Erica S
Becky S
Ray S
Reis S
Christina S
Peter S
Ross S
Ryan S
Ladies’ AM
Chapel S
Jenny S
Level 1 – 12P
 Cat  4
 Lola  4.5
 Jeremy  4
 Mike  4
Level 2 – PM
Ryan S
Betsy S
Winner S
Nick S
Can2 S
Clapper S
Jables S
Crash S
Danimal S
Cat S
Irl S
Jerry S
Geno S
Pinky S
Leah S
Wood S
Cody S
Kevin S
Uzi F 7:36
Zoom F 9:37
Greg F 7:00
Megan W
Chrissy S
Jewels S
Dain S
Kirk S
Melody S
Alex S