WOD 12/2

Buy In/Cash Out
2×20 One Legged Hip Extensions
2×20 Jackhammers

Make-up/Skill Day
Dirty Thirty
Snatchy Yokey Goodness
Burpee Boxes

Squat Program
OVHD Squat 3×5 @32×1 (focus on increased depth each rep)
Front Squat 5×3 @30×1
Back Squat 3×5 @30×0

We are what we believe we are. -C. S. Lewis

Release the guilt

-CFA Anniversary/Christmas Bonanza December 16th, 7 PM!!!
RSVP now so we can get a good head count for BBQ!  If you have signed up or are signing up for the party and are planning to bring a guest that is not signed up, please email tristystep@gmail.com and let us know!  We will need to have an accurate count by December 10th, so please email before that date.
-Hello CFA Ladies!!  It is that time again…time for Ladies’ night!  Since last time was such as smashing success, we have decided to have a repeat performance!  We will meet at
Milanos Cafe at 7:30pm on December 6th.  See you all there!

AM Results        
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Squat 
Jables 16:49 Rx      
Eddie 19:25 (53 lb)      
Tow Matt     10:14 Rx  
Turk 12:28 Rx      
Stephen 12:42      
Rob       Yes
Chaz       Yes
PM Results        
Patrick       Yes
Colleen 13:12 35lbs (Jump, Knee, Single)      
Cat 10:05 (Band, Single)      
Fro   12:02 (115lbs, Pike)    
Julie     9:50 (Sprawls, 12″)  
Chris     8:23 Rx  
Sleeves     5:46 Rx  
Christy     6:08 Rx  
Julie L.     9:06 Rx  
Heather 20:43 35lbs (Band, Knee, Singles)      
Stacey   7:18 (83lbs, Pike)    
L.G. 28:04 Rx      
Kristie       CFT
“G”     6:51 Rx  
Nugget     5:14 Rx  
Jerry     5:55 Rx  
Carissa       Yes
Melly     12:00 (Sprawls, 18″)  
Heinie 15:07 (Knee, Band)      
Skipper     6:45 Rx  
Kavi   10:35 (65lbs, Pike)    
On Ramp        
Kathleen 4:34      
Kayla 4:30      
Cecilia 6:08      
Christine  4:06      
Lana  4:19      
Alan 5:23      
David 4:29      
Jeanette  4:00      
Ally  4:31