WOD 12/24

Buy In/Cash Out
Powell Raises 2×8
Muscle Snatches 2×8

The WOD is done for time and the sequence is done the same way “The 12 Days of Christmas” is sung.  Athletes are encouraged to wear “Christmas Style” clothing, such as Santa hats, elf hats, jingle bells, etc. to show their holiday spirit!

“CrossFit’s The 12 Days of Christmas”
1st Day= 1 x 20M Sprint (10M down, 10M back)
2nd Day= 2 x Push-ups
3rd Day= 3 x Air Squats
4th Day= 4 x Sit-ups
5th Day= 5 x Dumbbell Swings (55lbs, 35lbs)
6th Day= 6 x Back Squats (95lbs, 65lbs)
7th Day= 7 x Push Presses (95lbs, 65lbs)
8th Day= 8 x Hang Cleans (95lbs, 65lbs)
9th Day= 9 x Bent-over Rows (95lbs, 65lbs)
10th Day= 10 x Deadlifts (95lbs, 65lbs) 
11th Day= 11 x Box Jumps (24″, 20″)
12th Day= 12 x Burpee Pull-ups}
*Total Time Recorded

At Christmas play and make good cheer, for Christmas comes but once a year. -Thomas Tusser

CrossFit Austin Holiday Schedule:

Friday (12/24) 6:30am, 12:00pm
Saturday (12/25) 10:00am
Friday (12/31) Normal Hours
Saturday (1/1) 10:00am

Austin Gorilla Run January 22nd! Grab a registration form at the gym for a 10% discount good until January 6th!

Merry Christmas Eve CrossFit Austiners!

Am Results
Page 28:51 (75lbs, 16K, 20″, Jump)
Blake 27:32 Rx
Melicious 28:14 (45lbs, Jump)
Gena 28:47 Rx