WOD 12/27

Level Two
A1. OVHD Squat or Frank Squat x12-15×2 @ 20X0 Rest :45
A2. Rings Rows x12-15×2 @ 20X2 Rest :45
B1. Long Stroke Split Squats x10-12/Leg x3
B2. DB Bench Press x10-12×3
C1. DB Ext. Rot. x12-15/arm @3010 x2 Rest :30
C2. Hollow Hold x:30-:60×2 Rest :30

Level One (Day 4)

Team WOD
3 Rounds
350 M Row
12 Walking Lunges
*Total time recorded
*2-person teams: Partner B can’t move on until partner A has finished exercise

Belief creates the actual fact. – William James

Exercise and Migraines
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– Welcome back ! We hope everyone had a great holiday!

Level 1 – AM
Cooey & Lawrence 13:35
Suzi & Sameer 12:43
Level 2 – AM
Steven S
Shug S
Charlie S
Haley S
Sarah S
Becky S
Schittone S
Cindy S
Colleen S
Anthony S
Darlene S
MGJenny S
MegO S
Veronica S
Mikey S
Marcus S
Ray S
Bryan S
Ladies’ Class
Robin S
Dayna S
Mer S
Jenna S
Jenny S
Caitlyn S
Level 1 – 12P
Monk & Canada 11:53
Macaroni & G 11:03
Trixsi & Brandon 11:20
Level 2 – PM
Cat S
Jesse S
Lane S
Betsy S
Stephen S
Fro S
Leah S
Martin S
Cody S
Tristy MU
Gary S
Jerry Wed. 23:35
Carissa Fri. 6:49
Danny S
Greg S
Deandre S
Mad Dog S
Andy S
Zoom Mon.
Uzi Wed.