WOD 12/30

200 Thruster (75 lb, 45 lb)

I do not seek pity, and neither would they. I am writing this because the first step to fighting this disease is to get the word out that there is a killer out there that most don’t even know about. So when you are standing in a pool of sweat and someone asks you what you are doing, tell them. Tell them about my little Bug, tell them about Addi, tell them about SMA and tell them to spread the word. 3-2-1…Go!” -Benjamin Abruzzo Jr.

The story behind today’s WOD

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Holiday Schedule:
12/30: Normal hours
12/31: Morning classes only
1/1: Closed
1/2: Normal hours


Benjamin Abruzzo III


Addison Wyatt Abruzzo

AM Results
Rob Rx & JJ (45 lb) 11:52
Stacey Rx & Bill (35 lb DB) 9:23
Lyzz & Betsy Rx 10:04
PM Results
Ariel Rx & Tasha (10 lb DB) 9:40
Glen Rx & Michelle (10 lb DB) 10:55