WOD 12/30

All Levels
Partner WOD
“MB 2x400m Relay”
4 Rounds per Partner:
Med Ball Complex
– 25 Yards of Lunges (hold at chest not overhead)
– 25 Deadlifts
– 25 Tic Tacs (total)
400m Run
*Partner 1 will run 400m while Partner 2 is performing the MB Complex. When finished, Partner 1 will tag Partner 2 and switch.
*Each Partner will perform 4 rounds.

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All Levels
Wine ‘Em 17:46
Team Diamond 18:04
IT Band 18:25
Chazzy “D” 18:21
The Socks 15:27
Triple Threat 15:52
Low Key 14:59
Cancun 15:35
Happy New WOD 15:35
Tri-MegO 18:37
Blake/Can2 18:44
Hot Stuff 19:34
Team Iron Man 19:42