WOD 1/25

Buy In/Cash Out
3×10 Supermans
3×10/arm DB External Rotations

Make-up Day
Practice Makes Perfect
Snatch with one hand
Crispy Clean Fran

Strength Program
Press 3×5 @ 20×0 (increase from last week)
Squat 6×3 @80%
Deadlift 3×5 @ 60-70% @ 22×0

Everything keeps its best nature only by being put to its best use. -Phillips Brooks

The Big Lie
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Colleen taking the Push-up Man into rarefied air!

AM Results
Kirk Strength
Gena Fran 120lb/6:28Rx
Tow Matt Fran 165lb/8:41Rx
Jerry Fran 200lb/6:43Rx
Carissa Row 2481
Fro 200m+PU :23, 35 Rx
Sam Row 2396
Jables Row 2565
Rob Strength
PM Results
Cat Strength
Winner Fri. 15:42 (20 lb, P)
Betsy Fri. 14:24 (20 lb, P)
Geno Strength
G. Fri. 15:52 (20 lb, P)
Tasha Row 2554
Blake Strength
Sleeves Strength
Stacey Strength
Nugget Strength
Nick Strength
Nick Strength
Jessica Clean, Fran Skill, 4:07 (MOD)
Turbo Clean, Fran Skill, 7:34 Rx
Debbie Clean, Fran 95 lb, 7:06 S4
Jenn Strength
Ivan Clean, Fran 175lb, 8:58 Rx
Zayra Strength
Kristin Clean, Fran 98 lb, 6:44 S2