WOD 1/26

Level Two
Strength/Make Up Day

A. DLs x4-5×4 @ 75-80% Rest 3:00
B. Pause Front Box Squat x5x4 @ RPE 8-9 Rest :30
C. Ab Circuit x 1 Rounds, No Rest:
– Superman Hold :60
– Plank Holds :90/side
– Tic-Tacs :60 total

Level One (Day 6)
Front Squat
Dead Lift

A. Lift off+DL x3+2×3 Rest :90
B. Front Squat x4x3 @ 32X3 Rest :45
C1. Unweighted Step-ups x6/leg x2 Rest :45
C2. Chin-ups x6-12×2 Rest :45

“Don’t try to be different. Just be good. To be good is different enough.” – Arthur Freed

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  • Congratulations to all of our competitors and friends who competed in The Fittest Games this weekend – each one of you is amazing!
Level 1 – AM
Marley S
Faraon S
Kyle S
Lexi S
J-Black S
Kiehl S
Mrs. Fro S
Celi S
Dusty S
Paul S
Level 2 – AM
Fro Fran 6:25 Rx
Kavi Fran 11:36 85lb
Can2 Fran 6:41 Rx
Cindy S
Sarah S
Caitlyn S
Irl S
Erica S
Michele S
TowMatt S
Ballet S
MegO S
Becky S
Beast S
Janice S
Boling S
Christina S
Marcos S
Ray S
Paddy S
Ladies’ – AM
Dayna S
Jenny S
Snooki S
Josie S
Megs Fran 8:04 35lb, Jump
Emily Fran 8:58 30lb, Jump
LV Fran 7:43 45lb, Jump
Mer Fran 5:57 30lb, Jump
Level 1 – 12P
Brittani S
Mikey S
Martin S
Sarah S
Trixsi S
Level 1 – PM
Sam S
Elizabeth G S
Raquel S
Jeff P S
Mischka S
Charlie G S
Brandon S
Nicole S
Cooey S
Level 2 – PM
Jess Fran 7:50 55lb
Coy Fran 7:58 45lb
Jeff S 7:48 Rx
Geno S
Dain S
Colleen S
Danimal S
Crash S
Reis Fran 8:14 Rx
Danny S
David Mon 15:27 65lb
Lane S
Ryan S
Greg S
Ross S
Paddy Ice S
Chrissy S
LaRos S
Sleeves Mon 16:13 115lb
Wood S
Helen S