WOD 12/7

Buy in/Cash Out
Narrow grip over head squat 2×10 @ 32X2

Take 30 Minutes to find a  5 rep Front Squat at 30X0 tempo


10 Minutes on the minute
2 Cleans (see chart)
Max unbroken Strict Dips, Ring Push-ups, or Push-ups
*Post weight, and dips to comments

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-CFA Anniversary/Christmas Bonanza December 16th, 7 PM!!! RSVP now so we can get a good head count for BBQ!  If you have signed up or are signing up for the party and are planning to bring a guest that is not signed up, please email tristystep@gmail.com and let us know!  We will need to have an accurate count by December 10th, so please email before that date.

Time to get motivated!

AM Results
Front Squats
Chaz 165lbs
Nick 180lbs
Joel 80lbs
Stephen 190lbs
Zayra 83lbs
Ivan 135lbs
PM Results
David 155lbs
Cat 113lbs
Blake 200lbs
Cody 155lbs
Stacey 150lbs
Carissa 105lbs
Winner 85lbs
Fro 185lbs
Sleeves 205lbs
Jerry 155lbs
Christy 67lbs
Julie L. 67lbs
Heinie 115lbs
Alex 165lbs
Debbie Skill
L.G. 88lbs
Jenn 88lbs