WOD 12/9

“Dirty Dancing”
20 Push ups
20 DB Power Snatch (Total)
2x Cowboy “Texas Two Step”
10 Push ups
10 DB Power Snatch (Total)
2x Cowboy “Texas Two Step”
5 Push ups
5 DB Power Snatch (Total)
2x Cowboy “Texas Two Step”
*Time Recorded

Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang best. – Henry van Dyke

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All Levels – AM
Ballet 7:56
Turk 8:28
Mike 8:49
Valyn 10:45
Erica 8:55
Schittone 9:13
Cantu 9:23
Teeny 9:26
MegO 10:56
Reis 7:53
Walker 8:52
Peter 8:15
Jackie 9:55
Chris 7:43
Letty 9:21
Jerry 8:36
Tristy 8:46
Kavi 7:51
All Levels – 12P
Randy  9:14
Lane  6:10
Blake  7:34
Sasser  9:52
Mikey  6:53
Jeremy  10:12
In-Line  10:19
Lance  6:21