WOD 1/3

Level Two
A. Hip Power Snatch + Hang Snatch x1+1 x 7 @ 65-70% Rest :30
B. Deadlift x2x10 @ 55% EMOM (For Speed)
C1. DB Bench x6x4 Rest :30
C2. Hor. Ring Row x8x4 Rest :30
C3. Strict Toes to Bar x8x4 Rest :60

Level One
Hip Snatch

A. Hip Power Snatch x2x10 (add weight each set) Rest 1:00
B. Snatch Grip RDL @ 3111

Ab Circuit
3 Rounds of :30 per exercise
Front Plank Hold
Iron Crosses
V-up Hold

Folate 101
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Congratulations to Nic and Tasha on their recent engagement!!

AM – Level 1
Kristi S
Carlos S
Sam S
Sohpia S
Jillian S
Nick D S
AM – Level 2
Sparker S
Guthrie S
Alex S
Big Spoon S
Mitch S
Jessie S
Jeff S
Anthony S
Tow Matt S
Kyle S
Schittone S
Eileen S
Michael S
Janice S
George S
Ray S
AM – Ladies’
Irl S
Jenny S
Allison S
Crash S
Josie S
PM – Level 2
Sean S
Gabriel S
Danny S
David S S
Erica S
Robert S
Everett S
Gil S
Sanchez S
James S
Marky Marc S
Clint S
Aaron S
Shug S
Gary S
Pam S
Nic S
Evil S
Adrian S
LaRosa S
Twin S
Leah S
Denise S
PM – Level 1
Gregg S
Andre S
Carlo S
Jimmy S