WOD 1/7

All Levels

3:00 minutes Jump Rope Practice

MB “Musical TicTacs” (Best out of 3)
*Winners then compete for most consecutive Double Unders


Victory WOD
Ring Row
KB Swings Russian Massacre WOD


Massacre WOD
DB Thrusters
Mountain Climber Burpee


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All Levels – 9AM
Blake 5:36 M
Alex 4:50 V
Mel 7:28 M
Bryan 5:58 M
Charlie 7:00 M
Liz 4:50 V
Katie 4:46 V
Irl 3:40 V
Jackie 4:09 V
Can2 4:26 V
Jeff 5:40 M
All Levels – 10AM
Betsy 3:01 V
Cat 6:49 M
KT 3:57 V
Shane 4:59 M
Clapper 4:10 V
Andy 6:46 M
Colleen 6:09 M
Tasha 3:49 V
Nic 2:39 V
Marco 3:57 V
Dan 6:11 M
Danny 5:35 M
Carl 4:50 V
Michael 5:25 M
Melissa 6:49 M
LG 6:22 V
Katie 2 6:17 M
Veronica 4:37 V
Tristy 5:43 M
Brittani 4:55 V
CFT Make Up Class Press BS DL Total
Lane 155lb 250lb 345lb 750lb
Erica 60lb 165lb 195lb 420lb
Dayna 95lb 185lb 250lb 530lb
LV 63lb 123lb 173lb 359lb
Pinky 55lb 140lb 160lb 355lb
LaRos 60lb 120lb 180lb 360lb
Anthony 95lb 155lb 205lb 455lb
Emily 53lb 124lb  –  –