WOD 2/13

Level Two
Push Press
Rest 3:00 b/t sets
*appx 73-80%, RPE 8-9, keep all working sets within 5-10 pounds
*Weight recorded

5 Rounds
5 Sumo DL High Pull (95 lb, 75 lb)
5 DB Snatch/Arm (35 lb, 20 lb)
*Post results to comments

Cash out:
Accumulate :60 seconds in an L-Sit Hold in as few as set as possible

Level One (Day 1)
Body positioning holds

3 Rounds
:45 50 yard Shuttle runs
:15 Rest
:45 5 Push-ups/5 Squats
:15 Rest
*Record number of runs

The way a team plays as a whole determines its success.  You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime. – Babe Ruth

*Post thoughts to comments


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Level 1 – AM
Dusty 11
Jordan 16
Adam 15
Sandy 4
Mischka 9
Edward 12
Professor 14
Place 13
Eileen 4
Level 2 – AM
Kristin 90lb
Ivan 165lb
Rocky 115lb
Christina 55lb
Elizabeth 60lb
Janice 60lb
Beast 85lb
Brandon 115lb
MegO 70lb
Mikey 135lb
Can2 175lb
Jackie 65lb
Becky 67lb
TowMatt 115lb
Ballet 125lb
Cindy 65lb
Sarah 45lb
MGJ 75lb
JJ 125lb
Kirk 145lb
Eric 130lb
Michael 135lb
Valyn 65lb
Colleen 80lb
Ray 125lb
Level 2 – 12P
Mer 65lb
Lana 45lb
Ryan 135lb
Jess 75lb
Wood 140lb
Melody 55lb
Dillard 135lb
Chapel 55lb
Level 2 – PM
G 65lb
Sherman 165lb
Turk 165lb
Pinkie 65lb
Cat 120lb
Blake 200lb
Randy 115lb
Chaz 145lb
Walker 90lb
Leah 63lb
Winner 75lb
Lane 145lb
Jackson 175lb
Elena 45lb
Aaron 135lb
Gary 90lb
Shug 75lb
Fro 170lb
AG 175lb
Vero 55lb
Helen 45lb
KT 55lb
Jenna 55lb
Nicole 70lb
Jordan 95lb
Josie 60lb
Sanchez 145lb
David 145lb
LaRos 60lb
Anthony 105lb
Andy 115lb
Geno 190lb
Zoom 55lb
Level 1 – PM
Paul 12
Peter 19
Desiree 12
Zach 17
Mel 15
Hector 19
Odindu 16
Dale 10
Ronnie 9
Nikolle 14
Bianca 12
Matt 11
Angela 15
Wade 21
George 18
Denise 14
Elizabeth 7
Adrian 12
Cooey 11
Mrs. Fro 9
Alan 13
Pam 10