WOD 2/2

Mobility of the Day

Level Two
Test 6: 1 RM Clean-to-Thruster in 15:00
Test 7: 5 RM Front Squat (3 attempts)
Test  8:
“Annie ”
Double Unders
S1: Rx
S2: 3 singles
*Clean to Thruster weight, Front Squat weight, and “Annie” time and scale recorded

Level One (Day 9)

A1. Hip Snatch (Power or Full) x2x3
B1. Deadlift x3x3 Rest 1:00
B2. RPU/Dips x2-4×3 Rest 1:00
C1. Step-ups x5x3 Rest :45
C2. Kip Pull-ups x4-6 x3 Rest :45

Quality means doing it right when no one is looking. – Henry Ford

Eating your veggies
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Level 1 – AM
Marley S
Edward S
Mrs. Fro S
Faraon S
Professor S
John S
Paul S
Dusty S
Level 2 – AM C&T 5RM FS Annie
Charlie K 150lb 185lb 9:19 (S1)
Ivan 185lb 185lb 11:07 (S1)
MegO 78lb 73lb 12:47 (S1)
Shug 73lb 83lb 10:44 (S1)
Colleen 93lb 103lb 9:00 (S1)
Brandon 150lb 185lb 12:10 (S1)
JV 80lb 100lb 11:54 (S1)
Becky 50lb 78lb 10:54 (S1)
Janice 95lb 100lb 9:53 Rx
Beast 103lb 133lb 10:24 (S1)
Mikey 185lb 215lb 9:12 Rx
Albert 195lb 185lb 10:12 (S1)
Erica 90lb 100lb 10:11 Rx
TowMatt 155lb 155lb 11:07 Rx
Valyn 68lb 63lb 21:42 (S1)
MGJ 85lb 95lb (4R) (S1)
Sarah 65lb 50lb (2R+55) (S1)
Elizabeth 63lb 58lb 14:52 (S1)
Haley 45lb 50lb 13:47 (S1)
Can2 205lb 225lb 11:32 (S1)
Charlie G 135lb 155lb 11:50 (S1)
9AM 165lb 185lb 14:19 (S1)
Michele 83lb 63lb (2R+50) (S1)
Cindy 70lb 75lb (1R+12) (S1)
Michael 155lb 175lb 11:05 (S1)
Ballet 145lb 145lb 10:38 (S1)
Fro 155lb 205lb 10:35 (S1)
Kirk 175lb 185lb 7:56 Rx
Ray 175lb 205lb 10:10 (S1)
Marco 185lb 175lb 13:57 (S1)
Rocky 125lb 155lb (R3+77) (S1)
Boling 115lb 165lb 11:36 (S1)
Kavi 145lb 155lb 13:21 (S1)
Danimal 135lb 165lb 12:20 (S1)
Snooki 85lb 95lb 10:57 (S1)
Christina 75lb 95lb 13:15 (S1)
Ladies’ – AM
LV 85lb 80lb 10:23 (S1)
Emily 70lb (Hang) 80lb 14:13 (S1)
Jenny 85lb 105lb 9:20 (S1)
Josie 55lb 80lb (R3+20) (S1)
Chapel 75lb 85lb 14:46 (S1)
Mer 70lb 85lb 10:48 (S1)
Ally  –  – 7:15 MOD
Level 1 – 12P
Brittani S
Taylor S
Heather S
Level 1 – PM
Matthew S
Desiree S
Sam S
Trixsi S
Jeff S
Mischka S
Brandon S
Nicole S
Cooey S
Level 2 – PM
Nic 175lb 215lb 6:58 (S1)
Kristin 105lb 115lb 9:19 (S1)
Sanchez 155lb 155lb 11:14 (S1)
Clapper 205lb 215lb DNF
G 88lb 98lb 10:34 (S1)
Blake 215lb 255lb DNF
Bryan 155lb 225lb 7:25 (S1)
Marissa 115lb 135lb 7:31 (S1)
Reis 185lb 185lb 7:08 Rx
Kiehler 165lb 165lb 10:36 (S1)
AG 195lb 215lb 12:58 Rx
Anthony 135lb 145lb 13:30 Rx
Irl 75lb 95lb 15:00 (-2) (S1)
Gary 105lb 115lb 12:03 (S1)
KT 85lb 90lb 14:19 (S1)
Leah 85lb 90lb 13:48 (S1)
Boone 225lb 235lb 7:28 Rx
Ross 165lb 165lb 10:45 (S1)
JJ 135lb 140lb 12:48 (S1)
ABC 115lb 130lb 11:32 (S1)
Sleeves 215lb 245lb 9:30 Rx
Ryan 175lb 215lb DNF
Turk 185lb 205lb 7:43 Rx
Greg 175lb 185lb 10:22 Rx
Lane 165lb 175lb 10:30 (S1)
Chrissy 83lb 113lb 11:25 (S1)
LaRos 75lb 88lb 11:55 (S1)
Darlene 108lb 113lb 10:50 Rx
Elena  – 65lb 10:12 (S1)