WOD 2/21

Buy In/Cash Out
3×8 DB Extensions
3×8 Side Bends (One DB)

5 Sets
1 Clean to Thruster
rest :30
AMRAP (-3) Kip Pull-ups
*Scale to a difficulty that allows no more than 12 per set
*Folks without a single kip pull-up scale to lightest band possible for 3 kips, and finish with 2 negatives @ 50X5
rest 2:00
*Clean to thruster weight recorded


5 Rounds
:30 Thrusters at 40% of Todays Max
:90 of Double Unders
2:00 Rest
*Thruster weight and reps recorded

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9 Steps to Perfect Health #1
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IT’S TIME FOR SPRING CLEANING AT CFA!  Take your jackets, gloves, water bottles, shirts, pants, shorts, sunglasses, etc. home, or they will be donated to Goodwill.  We will be making donations on February 27th, so you have until the 26th to take it all home.  Jump ropes can stay at the gym, but they need to go on the jump rope rack (if you don’t want your rope mixed with the masses, please take it home.)

AM Results
Elizabeth 20lbs ?
Ben 75lbs ?
Mikey 45lbs 374 (S)
Mego 20lbs 305 (S)
Jerry 85lbs 203 Rx
9am 45lbs 770 (S)
Gena 40lbs 181 Rx
Ray 55lb 216 Rx
Rookie 45lbs 1,037 (S)
Tall “D” 35lbs 247 Rx
Bill 35lbs 613 (S)
Sleeves 75lbs 383 Rx
Senator 25lbs 382 (S)
Lance 45lbs 422 (S)
Natalie 20lbs 201(S)
J.J. 50lbs 473 (S)
Carissa 38lbs 256 Rx
J.C. 65lbs 746 (S)
Jables 33lbs 206 Rx
Jenn 45lbs 193 (S)
Kirk 65lbs 258 Rx
Crash 15lbs 614 (S)
Anthony 45lbs 111 Rx
Jesse 53lbs 402 (S)
PM Results
Colleen 35lb 996 (S)
G 35lb 284 Rx
Tasha 35lb 914 (S)
David 65lb 835 (S)
Geno 80lb 121 Rx
Liz 45lb 572 (S)
Tristy 865 (MOD)
Dain 65lb 142 Rx
Michael 45lb 133 (S)
Nugget 95lb 558 Rx
Blake 85lb 299 Rx
Stacey 50lb 393 Rx
Jordo 35lb 562 (S)
Randal 55lb 698 (S)
Darlene 35lb 280 Rx
Kim 15lb 630 (S)
Jessica 15lb 731 (S)
Boone 85lb 433 Rx
Prince 45lb 370 (S)
Aubrey 40lb 168 Rx
Elena 25lb 883 (S)
Leigh 53lb 438 Rx
Skipper 45lb 1038 (S)
Kristin 30lb 686 (S)
Danielle 20lb 693 (S)
Jessica 25lb 378 Rx
Patrick 50lb 690 (S)
Cara 20lb 753 (S)
Kavi 45lb 758 (S)
Zoom 30lb 150 Rx
Megan 30lb 172 Rx
Schittone 50lb 154 Rx
Alex 65lb 1045 (S)
Sanjay 20lb 694 (S)
On Ramp
J&H 7:22
L&S&G 7:26
R3 5:24
pi 7:28