WOD 2/23

Mobility of the Day

Level Two
Strength/Make Up Day
A. Cleans x1x5 85-90% or 9-10 RPE Rest 2:00
B. CDL x3x5 @ 66% of DL Rest 3:00
C1. Front Squat x4-5×3 80-85% Rest :60
C2. DB Snatch x5/armx3 Rest :60

Level One (Day 6)
Front Squats

A. Lift off+DL x3+2×3 Rest :90
B. Front Squat x4x3 @ 32X3 Rest :45
C1. Unweighted Step-ups x6/leg x2 Rest :45
C2. Chin-ups x6-12×2 Rest :45

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” – Robert Brault

Nutrition and Fitness for the Busy Professional
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  • The Open is here! Workouts start at CFA start Saturday! Can’t make it in on Saturday for the workout? Choose it as your make up class today! Learn more here.
  •  CFA will have a Happy Hour on March 1st at 7pm at Little Woodrows in South Park Meadows.  Come out to meet and mingle with friends – new and old!
  • Good luck to Dan (Danimal), Jessica (“G”) and Sameer (“Rocky”) as they run from the masses today in the Zombi Race!
Congratulations to Janice Trinidad on her performance at this past weekend’s Paramount 5K! Way to go, lady!
Level 1 – AM
Marcelino S
Land S
Paul S
Mischka S
Sandy S
Faraon S
Doug S
Hector S
Level 2 – AM
Beast Open 72
Erica Open 87
Ray Open 96
Ivan Tues 5x245lb
Mrs Fro S
Fro S
TowMatt S
Kirk S
Can2 S
Cindy S
Michael S
Celi S
Valyn S
Elizabeth S
Brandon S
Professor S
Becky S
Janice S
Snooki S
Mad Dog S
Kavi S
Christina S
Paddy S
Mikey S
Kiehl S
Danimal S
Ladies’ – AM
Chapel Open 35
Caitlyn Open 46
Jenny Open 81
LV Open 73
Level 1 – 12P
Emily S
Veronica S
Brittani S
Brock S
Stefan S
James S
Trixsi S
Melissa S
Desiree S
Taylor S
Anna S
Level 2 – PM
Blake S
Sanchez Open 78
Shug Open 60
Crash S
Marissa S
Nic S
Pratt S
Lance S
Jess S
LaRosa S
Josie S
Leah S
Kaz S
Anthony S
Monk S
Gary S
Mego S
Lane S
Wood S
Greg S
Chrissy S
Raquel S
Helen S
Charlie S
Elena S
Irl S
Gold S
Uzi S
Andy Open 88
Wes Open 87
Boone Open 85
Schittone Open 70
Level 1 – PM
Ronnie S
Beth S
Peter S
Guthrie S
Liz G S
Cooey S
Zach S
Denise S
Vanessa S
George S
Pam S