WOD 2/3

Buy In/Cash Out
2x :90/Side  Side Planks
2×10-15 Narrow Push-ups

5 Sets
5 Floor Presses
1:00 Rest
:30 Hollow Rock or Hold
2:00 Rest
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Team Row Relay
As a team max distance row in 16:00
*4 person teams each person row for a 4 rounds of 1:00 minute
*During rest time Muscle ups Men 4 (16 total), Women 2 (8 total)
*Meters Recorded

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AM Results
Nugget, Darlene, Gena 3805 m
Andrew, Mikey, Geno 3615 m
Nick, Sleeves, Jerry 4182 m
Debbie, Blake, AD 3700 m
Patrick, Cody 4115 m
Betsy, G, Liz 3518 m
Winner, G, Betsy, Liz 3875 m
Alex, Kavi, LG 3654 m
Skipper, Chris, Lana 3691 M