WOD 2/5

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Overhead Squats (PVC)

A fight is not won by one punch or kick. Either learn to endure or hire a bodyguard. -Bruce Lee

How humans ran comfortably before shoes

– Get ready to Sweat with your Sweetheart!


AM Results
Cat 4:55 Rx
Marissa 4:35 Rx
Kirk 4:06 Rx
Tony 3:07 Rx
Carlos 2:55 Rx
Tristy 3:51 Rx
Bill DNF
Jerry 3:13 Rx
Ray 2:42 Rx
Kristin 4:35 (Sprawl)
Wes S. 4:12 Rx
Anna 4:30 Rx
Laura 4:43 Rx
Betsy 3:01 Rx
Stephen 3:11 (MOD)
Tow Matt 5:11 Rx