WOD 2/8

Buy In/Cash Out

Make-up Day
Strict Kicks
Row Relay Race
Shoot from the hip

Strength Program
Press:  3×3 BNP @2020
Squat:  6×5 @ 80%
Deadlift:  3×5 @ 70-80% @ 22×0

And now, this is the sweetest and most glorious day that ever my eyes did see. -Donald Cargill

Proper Form
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MARK SISSON is coming to CFA!  Check out details here!!
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Chad Vaughn’s Training Invitational on Feb. 12th.  For more information, go here

AM Results
Tow Matt DL 9:59
9am DL 15:30
Jerry Strength
Chaz Strength
Kirk Strength
Nick Strength
Fro CC
Sleeves CC
Darlene CC
Gena CC
Walker Thrust/200 16:07
Sam Thrust/200 22:19
Tall D Thrust/200 21:23
PM Results
Patrick Strength
Cody Strength
Jables Strength
Liz Strength
G. Strength
Geno Strength
Andee Strength
Mark Strength
Blake Strength
Stacey Strength
Debbie Strength
Carissa Strength
Veronica 200/Thr 16:12 (25 lb, RR)
LG 200/Thr 12:06 (MOD)
Darlene Strength
Gena Strength
Kristin Strength
Jenn Strength
Kavi Strength
Skipper Strength
Tristy, Adrian, David, Ryan Row Relay 4212 M