WOD 3/1

Level Two

Make-up Day 

Strength WOD
A. Cleans x1x5 90-95%+ or 10 RPE  rest 2:00
B. CDL x2-3×5 @ 66% of DL Rest 3:00
C. Front Squat x5x3 85%+Rest 3:00

Level One (Day 9)

A1. Hip Snatch (Power or Full) x2x3
B1. Deadlift x3x3 Rest 1:00
B2. RPU/Dips x2-4×3 Rest 1:00
C1. Step-ups x5x3 Rest :45
C2. Kip Pull-ups x4-6 x3 Rest :45

We promise according to our hopes, and perform according to our fears. – Francois duc de la Rochefoucauld

Coordination under fatigue
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  • The Open is here! Participants can complete this week’s WOD on Thursday during regular classes, Friday at Level 2 Open Gym, or on Saturday as a group! Learn more here.
  •  CFA will have a Happy Hour TODAY (Thursday, March 1st) at 7pm at Little Woodrows in South Park Meadows.  Come out to meet and mingle with friends – new and old!

Level 1 – AM
Guthrie S
Mischka S
Zach S
Marcelino S
John S
Edward S
Level 2 – AM
Janice Open 31
JV Open 30
MegO Open 30
Schittone Open 30
Erica Open 39
Ray Open 30
Charlie 2-Mile 14:03
Kirk 2-Mile 14:58
9AM 2-Mile 16:27
Can2 2-Mile 16:06
Jess 2-Mile 17:14
Mikey 195lb 215lb 7:55
Boling 155lb 185lb 9:35
Danimal 155lb 175lb 9:45
Tow Matt Wed 7:49
Beast S
Becky S
Celi S
Professor S
Faraon S
Michael S
Cindy S
Haley S
Dusty S
Irl S
Ivan S
Albert S
Christina S
Ladies’ – AM
Emily 2-Mile 7 Laps
Josie 2-Mile 7 Laps
LaRosa 2-Mile 17:59
Chapel S
Erin S
Level 1 – 12P
Megan S
Brittani S
Angela S
Stefan S
Desiree S
Brock S
Danny S
Lane 2-Mile 13:14
Nic 2-Mile 12:52
Level 2 – PM
Randy Wed 11:28 Rx
Gabriel Wed 10:55 Rx
Jackson Wed 9:29 Rx
Elena Wed
Kristin 2-Mile 17:05
Wes Open 80
Rob Open 35
KT Open 33
Jenna Open 30
David Open 31
Shug Open 31
Kaz Open 30
Jables Open 55
Marissa Open 62
Crash Open 31
Sherman S
Kiehl S
Colleen S
Amy S
Helen S
Veronica S
Ryan S
Ross S
Greg S
Cooey S
Gwar S
Level 1 – PM
Hector S
Cat S
Ronnie S
Flury S
Wade S
Raquel S
Liz G S
Denise S
George S
Vanessa S