WOD 3/10

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Push Press
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On the Minute for 6 Minutes
3 Deadlifts (65-75% of 1 RM)
5 Straddle Jumps
Score= Best Deadlift weight

Experience is not what happens to a man. It is what a man does with what happens to him. – Aldous Huxley

Women and Strength Training

-No Class Saturday, we will be watching Stacey, Walker, Miguel, Rob, and Blake at the CrossFit Games Sectional @ Camp Mabry
-Olympic Weightlifting clinics w/ Chad Vaughn start today!
3:00 PM Class (5 Spots left)
6:30 PM Class (2 Spots left)
Reserve your spot now!


How Austin’s finest preps for sectionals!

AM Results
Fro 135 lb
Ainsley 65 lb
Ray 170 lb
Amber 105 lb
John 135 lb
Stephen 240 lb
Tow Matt 155 lb
Laura 130 lb
Sabrina 75 lb
Stephanie 75 lb
Josh 265 lb
PM Results
Adam 135lb
Sherman 175lb
Tasha 63lb
Shanan 95lb
Cat 175lb
Claire 83lb
Boone 275lb
Kiehler 165lb
G 113lb
Alex 165lb
Laura 65lb
Peter 185lb
Darlene 70lb
K Dawg 85lb
Aubrey 145lb
Dan 205lb
Cody 205lb
Marissa 65lb
Patrick 245lb
Pato 255lb
Winner 145lb
Kirk 225lb
On Ramp
Chaz 6:19
Shawn 8:15
Rene 7:41
David 7:49