WOD 3/17

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Run 1.5 Miles as fast as possible

Somebody may beat me, but they are going to have to bleed to do it. -Steve Prefontaine

Give it a shot

Congrats to our Lean, Mean, and Clean Challenge winners!

Lean and Clean Male – Jerry Everhard (Best male before and after pictures, Most days logged)
Lean and Clean Female – Betsy Magnesio (Best Female before and after pictures)
Mean Female – Walker Fenz (44.7% total increase in Squat, Press, and Deadlift)
Mean Male – Kirk Garza (45.8% total in the Squat, Press, and Deadlift)


AM Results
Patrick 10:26
Rob 10:34
Kirk 10:35
Chaz 10:42
Mike 10:44
Jerry 10:19
Michelle F. 10:53
Ray 11:14
Fro 12:15
Liz 4 laps
Mike NJ 10:52
Stephanie 11:54
Tow Matt 10:54
Amber 13:21
Dan 10:50
PM Results
Keihler DNF
Adam 9:31
Peter 11:43
Betsy 11:17
Boone 9:35
Darlene 10:23 (Row)
Aubrey 14:18
On Ramp
Eddie 6:04
Anthony 8:03