WOD 3/19

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Gymnastics WOD or Side Planks 3 x :60/Side

2 Attempts
Max Reps Perform 1 Push Up every 5 seconds
*You must hold your hollow/plank position at the top between Push Ups – any break in your back, butt up, or knees down to rest and you’re done!


Max REPS Dead Hang Pull Ups:Perform 1 Pull Up every 5 seconds
You must hang in an active hollow body position between Pull Ups – let go of the bar and you’re done!
*Total Team Reps recorded
*Thanks to Carl from Gymnastics WOD for today’s skill session!


20 Minutes AMRAP
20 Partner Wall Balls
30 Partner Ball ABMAT Sit-ups
Ball Carry Hill Sprint
*Total reps Recorded
*Score= Skill Session Reps+ WOD Reps

-Make sure you get your body comp retested this week!
-April 30th, CFA is hosting Carl Paoli’s Gymnastic Seminar. Here is more information

Baby Anna FTW

AM Results
Stacey 6rds S
Jamie 5rds+1PS S
Darlene 5rds+2du S
Nick 4rds+12ps S
Carissa 3rds+19du S
Cody 5rds+24du S
Leigh 5rds+1ps S
Liz 2rds+1du S
Blake 7:30 Rx CC
Alex 9:20 Rx CC
Jerry 8:14 (185) CC
Nugget 5:19 Rx CC
Sleeves 8:08 (205) CC
Kim 7:19 (MOD) CC
Wes 6rds+11du S
Cat 2rds+25du S
Richard Rice 2rds+24du S
Amy 2rds+10su TWOD
Team Ballz 2 Da Wall 6rds+20su TWOD
G’s Up 7rds+20wb TWOD
Team Vibram 8rds+4wb TWOD
Team Whatever 6rds+20su TWOD
Walker 2rds+8ps S