WOD 4/1

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Gymnastics WOD or 3 sets of a L-Sit Hold (:10 accumulated/set minimum)

3 Rounds
ALAP Strict Chin-ups Every 5 Seconds
1:00 Rest
6-8 Split Squats/Leg
1:00 Rest


3 Rounds
20 Russian KB Swings (32K, 24K)
:30 Rest
400 M Sprint
:30 Rest
20 Double Unders
:30 Rest

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Paleo 2.o
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-Monday,  we start a new round of Weightlifting Classes w/ Jodi Vaughn 2004 Olympic alternate click here to sign up!
-April 5th is our next free workout at 7:00pm at CFA.  Invite all your friends and family to come check it out.  Sign up here.
-CrossFit Austin Ladies’ night will be moving to Wednesday in April.  It will be held April 6th at 7:00pm at Ginger Harvey and Stephanie Stinson’s house at 712 West Annie Street Unit B, Austin 78704.
-April 30th, CFA is hosting Carl Paoli’s Gymnastic Seminar.
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AM Results
Mikey 12:07 (24K)
Kirk 12:42 Rx
9am 15:02 (24K, S)
Melicious 12:54 (16K, S)
Leigh 11:47 (16K)
Teeny 13:22 (12K, S)
Nicole 12:41 Rx
Dylan 11:48 Rx
Mego 16;54 (12K, S)
Ray 12:43 (24K, S)
Rookie 14:48 Rx
Angela 14:33 (12K, S)
Kim 14:33 (12K, S)
Tall “D” 15:00 (24K)
Ginger 15:20 (12K, S)
Andre 17:56 (16K, S)
Ally 16:17 (12K, S)