WOD 5/17

Make up Day/Strength Day

A1. CGBP x3x5 rest 1:00
A2. Trap 3 x4-6×5 rest 1:00
B1. Squats x10x3 (Find 10RM) rest 2:00
B2. Strict Pull-ups AMRAP x3 rest 2:00
C1. Liftoff + Deadlift x3+2×3 rest 1:00
C2. DB Ext. Rot. x6-8×3 rest 1:00

Test fast, fail fast, adjust fast. -Tom Peters

You can’t fix a body you hate
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AM Results
Dana S
MG Jenny S
Megan S
Kevin S
9am S
Jesse S
Mikey S
Brian M
Tow Matt M
Jerry M
Kim Sat 26:43 (25lb, KR, 15lb, S)
Tall-D Sat 26:43 (75lb, KR, 30lb)
Rob Sat 26:43 (95lb)
Stephen Sat 26:43 (75lb)
Allie Sat 30:11 (35lb, KR, 10lb, S)
Snookie Sat 30:11 (35lb, KR, 8lb, S)
Ivan S
Kelley S
Amy S
PM Results
Cat Sa 20:01 Team
G Th 35 MS, 28.5 BxJ, 24K
Sherman Sa 20:01 Team
Colleen Mon 4+ 1 PU (65)
Joe Wed 73 (75 lb, BWT)
Winner TH 35 MS, 28.5 BxJ, 24K
Nikki Sa 20:01 Team
Chris S
Dain S
Jon S
Christy S
Stephanie S
Jennifer S
Cody S
Randy S
Andre S
Leigh I
Stacey I
Betsy I
Carissa I
Blake I
Veronica S
Skipper S
Ryan S
Darlene I
Kavi 4 (95 lbs)
David S
Eric S
Zayra S