WOD 5/19

All Levels
20-Round Partner Workout
100 M Run
5 Box Jumps
5 Explosive Push-ups
*Partners split up rounds equally alternating one person working at a time
*Partner not working holds 2 DBs or KBs Suitcase Style during “rest”
*Each time a DB is dropped a 2 burpee penalty is added to the end of the teams workout
*Rx = 55 lb, 35 lb


  • Jog’N’Joe Running Group will meet on Tuesday and Thursday mornings with FREE coffee afterwards! Learn more here!
  • Murph Day is coming, so mark your calendars for June 16th! Learn more here!
  • Starting June 5th, Olympic Lifting Coach Chad Vaughn will begin offering Noon classes at CFA! Get in on the action here!
  • Level 3 Classes are coming to CFA.  Get ready for the 2013 CrossFit Games here

AM – All Levels
LGAS 19:34
Purpley 22:38
BA Barrakas 19:28
Father Tuckers 18:17
Drum Sticks 16:46
Trifecta 18:24
Sharkers 18:43
The Pixies 20:14
TB Killers 19:06
Big Company 21:34
Light Handed 22:54
Jorge/Becky/Mike/Alex 19:09