WOD 5/20

Glute Ham Raises 5-5-5-5-5 
Weighted Chin-ups 4-4-4-4-4-4
*Post Chin-up Weights


15 Minutes AMRAP
20 DB Hang Power Cleans to Push Press (35 lb, 20 lb)
20 Unbroken Wall Balls (20 lb, 15 lb)
*If Wall Balls are not finished unbroken restart current round, total rounds recorded

All Banged up

Action is the real measure of intelligence. -Napoleon Hill

– The Whole 9 is coming to CFA this Saturday, and then have extended their seminar by an hour (12-4 PM)!
– New Athletes Off Season Training Program starts June 6th.
Olympic Weightlifting 1 Day Seminar with Chad and Ursula June 27th

AM Results  
Rob 3 Rx
Chaz 4 (20lb, 10lb)
Ray 4 (20lb, 15lb)
Liz 3 Rx
Tow Matt 3 (30lb, 15lb)
Amber 4 (15lb, 10lb)
PM Results  
Melanie 3 (10lb, 10lb)
Winner 4 Rx
Mark 3 (MOD)
Betsy 5 Rx
Patrick 3 (30lb)
Jordon 4 (10lb, 10lb)
Ali 4 (20lb, 15lb)
Peter 3 (20lb)
Alex  4 (20lb, 15lb)
LG aka “Hoss” 4 (10lb, 10lb)