WOD 5/27

4 x 10 Unbroken
*Post number of completed reps per set


Every 30 Seconds until failure complete the following:
2 Pull-ups
2 Push-ups
2 Squats
*Completed rounds recorded

Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming. -John Wooden

The Big Dawgs Mantra

Good luck to Stacey, Miquel, Tristy, Shane, Rob, Blake, Walker, and Shanan this weekend at the CrossFit Games South Central Regional!

AM Results
Eddie 13 (Band)
Chaz 29 Rx + CTB, Clap
Ray 40 Rx + CTB, Clap
Stephenie 26 (Band)
Liz 6 (Band)
Kiehler 33 Rx + CTB, Clap
Mark 12 (Band)
Winner 15 Rx
Charlie 29 Rx +CTB, Clap
Rene 28 Rx +CTB, Clap
Ryan 25 Rx +CTB, Clap
Jables 13 Rx
OJOE 16 (Band)
G. 22 Rx +CTB, Clap
Betsy 24 Rx+CTB, Clap
Patrick 20 Rx
Claire 20 (Band)
Jerry 40 Rx +CTB,  Clap
Alex 20 (Band)
LG 11 (Band)
Carissa 20 (Band)
Jamie 22 (MOD)
Jordan 4 (Band)
On Ramp
Mike and Andre 8:37
LV & Nick 10:28
Tina & Trey 9:25