WOD 5/27

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Hip Bridges x10x3 @3023

1 Mile Run
5 Rounds
5 Toes to Bar
10 Box Jumps
15 Overhead Squats (65lbs, 45lbs)
1 Mile Run

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Fat vs. Carbs
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AM Results
Matthew 26:37 (45lb)
Darlene 28:14 Rx
Micah 29:02 Rx
Tow Matt 35:55 Rx +67lb
Melicious 35:12 (KR)
Senator 41:48 (KR, 37lb)
MG Jenny 40:29 (Row, KR, 35lb)
Kaz 37:28 (35lb)
Chrissy 36:52 (Kr, 25lb)
Ray 26:04 (45lb)
J-Dog 33:27 (35lb, 18″)
Anthony 43:40 (45lb, 20″)
Letty 33:40 (25lb, KR,+Baby)
Jenny 29:56 (25lb, KR)
Zoom 32:44 (35lb)
Huston 31:15 (KR, 19″, 25lbs)
Will 16:04 MOD
Walker 34:22 Rx
Eric 39:21 Rx
“G” 33:02 Rx
Crash 39:58 (KR, 25lbs)
Nikki 38:51 Rx
Kathleen 32:11 MOD
Geno DNF
Jesse 39:13 (45lbs)
Christy 30:28 Rx