WOD 5/27


21 Overhead Squats (95 lbs)
42 Pull-ups
15 Overhead Squats (95 lbs)
30 Pull-ups
9 Overhead Squat (95 lb)
18 Pull-ups

SSG Joshua Hager

Opportunities multiply as they are seized.Sun Tzu

“Murph” Day is less than two weeks away! To get a head count, please either bring by your donation receipt to the gym or RSVP to the comments on the
event page.

Our friends from CrossFit Westlake are hosting a free Workout in the Park on Saturday.  We will still be holding our regular Saturday class, but Boone will be at the park if anyone is interested or has a friend they want to introduce to CrossFit. Info HERE.


AM Results
Jennie 5:18 (25 lb, Jump)
Megan C. 6:13 (25 lb, Jump)
Laura 7:30 (25 lb, Jump)
Lyzz 9:05 (45 lb, Jump)
Andrew 9:16 (65 lb, Jump)
Daniel 13:11 (55 lb)
PM Results
Coy 13:12 (65lb, Jump)
Melanie 9:17 (45lb, Jump)
Boone 11:09 Rx
Tristy 8:23 (65lb, Jump)
Art 9:27 Rx
Betsy 8:36 (45lb, Jump)
Stacey 9:50 (65lb)
David 8:50 (35lb, Jump)
Smeth 11:07 (85lb)
Ashley 10:58 (45lb, Jump)
Mechelle 12:45 (15lb, Jump)
Anna 12:35 (25lb, Jump)
Aurelia 9:14 (15lb, Jump)
Wes 10:17 Rx