WOD 5/3

Level Two
A. Bench Press x5x4-5 Sets @ 83% Rest 3:00
B1. Squat x3x6 @ 80% Rest 1:00
B2. WTD CTB Chin-up x3x6 @ 9-10 RPE Rest 2:00
C1. TGU x5x3 Rest :30
C2. Pull-throughs x10x3 Rest :30

Level One (Day 10)

3×500 M Row
Rest 5:00
*Jerk skill practice during rest

Why We Don’t Walk Anymore (plus a Primal Health Challenge)
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“Procrastination is opportunity’s assassin.”Victor Kiam


  • Have you heard about the awesome Carl Paoli Seminar at CFA on May 13th? Learn more here!
  • Congratulations to all of this past weekend’s competitors (including those who participated in Regionals, the Bun Run, and the USAPL Power Lifting Meet)! Way to #paintitpink! We truly have a Circle of Awesomeness at CFA!
  • Got an exciting new PR you want on the leader board? Be sure to fill out a PR slip and give it to Caitlyn to chalk it up!

AM – Level 1
JP 1:38
Natalie 1:59
Money 2:07
Allison 2:15
Stephanie 2:13
Abbi 2:18
Caitlin 2:21
AM – Level 2
Jackie S
Guthrie S
Beast S
Charlie S
Sparker S
Janice S
Brandon S
MegO S
Becky S
Tow Matt S
Cindy S
Erica S
Valyn S
Dusty S
Schittone S
Sarah S
Haley S
Sandy S
Anthony S
Jeff S
Mikey S
Angela S
Ray S
Christina S
Mrs Fro S
Fro S
Gary S
AM – Ladies’
Mer S
Michelle S
Jenny S
Tanya S
12P – Level 1
Amber 2:19
Anna 2:28
Fernando 1:52
Todd 1:37
PM – Level 2
Jables S
Randy S
Dan S
Kiehl S
Gabriel S
Crash S
Roland S
Dayna S
Stacey S
Melissa S
Nic S
Pinky S
Mad Dog S
Bryan S
Parnell S
Leigh S
Shug S
Leah S
Miguel S
Wood S
Andy S
Miguel S
Raquel S
Corey S
Brandon S
Mr. T S
Janss S
Jo S
Liz G S
Denise S
Alissa S
Greg S
Chrissy S
LaRosa S
Vanessa S
PM – Level 1
Stormey 2:00
Fowler 1:55
Nelson 2:02
Ice E 2:05
German 1:48
E-Rod 1:59
Kristen 2:13
C2 2:04
Natalia 2:22
Missy 2:23
Tony 2:02
Ryan 1:46