WOD 5/4

5 Sets
5 Deadlifts
:30 Rest
3 Strict Chin-ups
:60 Rest
*Post Loads and Completed Chin-ups to comments


50 Double Unders
400 M Run
50 Double Unders
400 M Run
50 Double Unders

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KFC for a Cure?

– New Olympic Weightlifting Classes with Chad start Wednesday
– Still plenty of spots available for the running clinic this Saturday May 8th save your spot now!
– Are very own Cody Skinner and his band Fresh Millions are having a CD Release Party @ the Scoot Inn this friday May 7.
– There are still spots available for the  Whole 9 Nutrition Workshop on Saturday, May 22nd.

Walker Warrior Dashed!

AM Results  
Mike 9:41 (Singles)
Chaz 9:57 (Singles)
Kirk 10:37 Rx
Stephen 10:54 (Singles)
Shanan 6:46 Rx
Amber 10:27 (Singles)
Curby 10:09 Rx
Tow Matt 11:53 Rx
Liz 10:13 (Singles, Row)
Laura 11:25 (Singles, Row)
PM Results  
Kiehler 10:27 (Singles)
Claire 10:17 (Singles)
“G” 9:31 Rx
Melanie 10:56 (Singles)
Cody 8:16 Rx
Winner 11:36 (Singles)
Patrick 11:23 (Singles)
Betsy 9:06 Rx
Peter 10:15 (Singles)
Wes 6:44 Rx
Rob 10:38 Rx
Jerry 9:37 Rx
Genie 10:07 (MOD)
Cara 7:36 (MOD)
Fro 13:37 (Singles)